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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On the 17th of July 2020, on the day of our church feast day, the Sisterhood of our community will putting on our annual lottery. As is our established tradition for everyone, those who take part in the lottery will receive a personal Moleben for health. They will serve this Moleben in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in the Kiev Caves Lavra of the Ukraine, and in San Francisco before the Relics of Vladika St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, and also this Moleben will be served in our own parish.

There will be 12 prizes raffled. All the funds from this lottery will be used for the expansion of our church building.

We hope for your support, dear Orthodox people. We will be sincerely grateful for your participation. Tell your friends and acquaintances about our lottery.

The suggested donation for each ticket is 5 dollars. If you don't want to take part in the lottery for whatever reason, we will be sincerely appreciative of any donation even if it's one dollar. We will pray for everyone. Your donation can be written off on your taxes.

The following prizes will be raffled:

  • Some antique earrings and a pendant. Insert enamel. Frame of silver and cubic zirconia. A painting done by hand of a pastoral scene. An original.

  • Porcelain vase for fruit. (Firebird-LFZ-USSR)

  • Ladies' beads made of natural malachite.

  • Decorative ceramic statuette of a rooster (Portugal, an original)

  • Gzhel-Porcelain, Candlestick for 3 candles.

  • Decorative vases of a dog and a cat. An original by Nina Lyman.

  • Porcelain statuette of a sturgeon holding a cup with a lid (for caviar).

  • Vase for a serving table. Filigree.

  • Kimono in batik fabric-natural silk.

  • A tea serving set of 6 pieces.

  • A Pavloposadsky scarf.

  • Decorative wall plate (Johnson Bein, England).

You can get lottery tickets in our church or write to us at:

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Orthodoxy News

Epiphany Dumenko: Ukraine is following the path of U.S. democracy, the OCU is proof of this
06.07.2020 03:00
Ukraine is following in the footsteps of American democracy and freedom, and the creation of the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” unrecognized by the majority of the Orthodox world, is proof of this path, believes Epiphany Dumenko, the head of the schismatic OCU.

Russian Church celebrates glorification of New Confessor Archpriest Nikolai Florov
06.07.2020 02:51
On Friday, July 3, the anniversary of the repose of and the feast day of the new saint, his glorification was liturgically celebrated in Kotelnich in the Kirov Province, where St. Nikolai had served, in the Yaransk Diocese of the Russian Church.

Cinderella Romanova. And This is No Fairytale
06.07.2020 00:36
Olga Lunkova

She lived through tough times, having lost her relatives and her homeland, yet she found enough strength in herself to live through it all and rejoice at every God-given day.

The Power of Faith
04.07.2020 20:12
Teaching on the Fourth Sunday of Pentecost
St. John of Kronstadt

Believe undoubtingly in the Lord, Who is and will be with us all the days until the end of the age; live piously, repent sincerely, amend your life, ask the Lord with unquestioning faith for what is good and useful, and you will receive it.

On How to Survive and Remain Yourself in “a Brave New World”
04.07.2020 02:39
Igumen Nektary (Morozov)

Noah built the Ark at the command of God and his family was saved from the Flood in it. Now we need to concern ourselves with building our souls’ “house of virtues”, as the wise Abba Dorotheos once wrote. Because the rest will obviously not stand the test of this age of changes and collapse. But this “house” will withstand all the trials.

Fr. Nikodemos, brother of Elder Ephraim of Arizona, reposes in the Lord
03.07.2020 04:57
Fr. Nikodemos, the brother of Elder Ephraim of Philotheou and Arizona, has reposed in the Lord at the age of 94.

Ecclesiastical court defrocks Russian schema-igumen who ignored suspension and refused to leave Urals monastery
03.07.2020 04:44
The ecclesiastical court of the Ekaterinburg Diocese found Schema-Igumen Sergei (Romanov), founder of the Monastery of the “She Who Ripens the Grain” Icon of the Mother of God in Sredneuralsk, guilty of violating his priestly oath and monastic vows during its session today and resolved to defrock him.

Ukrainian Church wins case of illegal re-registration of parish against schismatics
03.07.2020 03:36
The canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church under His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine has won another court case against the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” concerning the fate of an illegally re-registered parish.

Orthodox bikers from Chicago set off on 15-day, 4,000-mile rally in support of persecuted Orthodox in Montenegro
03.07.2020 01:59
While the coronavirus pandemic may be preventing the Orthodox members of the Chicago Motorcycle Brigade from traveling to Montenegro to support their persecuted brethren of the Serbian Orthodox Church, they have their own way of drawing attention to the plight of the Church in the tiny Balkan nation.

Archbishop Anastasios of Albania returns to work following heart surgery
03.07.2020 01:28
His Beatitude praises God and expresses his warmest thanks to the several doctors who cared for him.

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