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I've heard that there is a day when Church prays for people who committed suicide. When is it?


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An Awakening Conscience: The Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt
18.04.2021 00:17
Priest Ioannis Fortomas

Could we possibly find the smallest desire to repent—even in these last hours of Great Lent prior to Holy Week—as we turn our spiritual gaze inwardly?

She is Our Spiritual Guide in Ascending to Heaven
16.04.2021 00:35
A Homily for the Saturday of the Akathist
Igumen Leonty (Kozlov)

Thus, in this remarkable service, the glorification of the Annunciation, the dawn of our salvation, which began with the Archangel’s greeting to the Most Pure Virgin: “Rejoice,” and the praise of our Champion Leader, the Most Holy Lady, who delivers us from both visible and invisible enemies and thanks to whom salvation became possible, are wondrously intertwined.

Meditations on the Great Canon: Odes 8 and 9
16.04.2021 00:06
Priest Ioannis Fortomas

St. Andrew has composed his Great Canon as a mighty sailing ship on which he has sailed us through salvation’s history in the world.

Meditations on the Great Canon. Beatitudes and Ode 7
15.04.2021 02:44
Priest Ioannis Fortomas

Before my end, I should imitate the profound, heart-wrenching repentance of Manasseh.

Drops of Spiritual Dew
14.04.2021 23:36
A Homily for the Reading of the Great Canon and the Life of St. Mary the Egypt
Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok

That’s the thing—God is near, but we are far away! And that’s why the drops of spiritual dew that the Church offers us today—the full reading of the penitential canon of St. Andrew of Crete and the life of St. Mary of Egypt—are so important for us.

Repentance is the Second Victory
14.04.2021 00:25
A Homily on Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Great Lent
Archpriest Alexander Shargunov

We constantly recall the words of the saints, that it is greater to see your sins than to see angels. Why is it greater?

Meditations on the Great Canon: Odes Four to Six
13.04.2021 23:49
Priest Ioannis Fortomas

St. Andrew calls us to explore the mystery of the Church, to delve into the mystery of piety. The Church is the Promised Land; it is the fullest expression of the heavenly realities of the Age to Come in this shadow-of-a-world, as represented in our time, space, and reality.

Meditations on the Great Canon: Odes One to Three Prelude
13.04.2021 00:22
Priest Ioannis Fortomas

I encourage everyone to take two hours on Wednesday or Thursday of this week as may be convenient to read the Great Canon if we cannot make it to church due to limited availability.

On Temperance
12.04.2021 22:27
There is a great reward for temperance, and its grandeur knows know bounds. Therefore, truly blessed is he who has acquired temperance.

Argyris Mitsis: “I died and went to hell but Christ sent me back”
12.04.2021 00:28
Argyris Mitsis

We offer our readers a candid story by our contemporary who experienced clinical death and went to hell.

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